Yellow Voltage Osteospermum Daisy Flower


yellow Voltage Osteospermum daisy

Yellow Voltage Osteospermum Daisy

Yellow Voltage Osteospermum displays vibrant deep yellow daisy-like flowers and unlike a lot of Osteos, has a yellow eye. Osteospermum is a dependable plant that blooms Spring until Fall. Yellow Voltage does well in hanging baskets, window boxes, landscaping and combination planters. Prune back lightly to promote additional blooms.
There is finally a clear yellow African Daisy for Osteospermum purists and it’s even accented with a complimenting yellow eye. This Simply Beautiful selection is one of the first African Daisies in bloom and continues right through to autumn. The flexible stems also make it useful in hanging baskets and containers. Bright yellow flowers all season long make a great impact in hanging baskets and rock gardens. A perfect filler for combination planters. Prune lightly after flowering to maintain shape and keep the plant looking fresh. Drought tolerant.
‘Voltage’ is the boldest, brightest and the first Osteosprmum to ring in spring. It’s the perfect flower for glowing cool season color. Its compact and uniform shape is ideal for containers, hanging baskets, or the landscape. Osteospermum Voltage Yellow has an attractive mounded habit and spreads 60-70cm across.It produces a show stopping display of vibrant, clear yellow flowers. Voltage Yellow Osteospermum has vivid yellow blooms that will brighten up any landscape or patio. Osteospermum have large, colorful, daisy-like blooms. Voltage Yellow is heat tolerant with a very nice mounding habit. They are the first Osteo to come into bloom and the last to stop blooming. Osteospermum blooms will close every evening, and open up again in early morning.