White Stock Flower Image


White Stock Flower Image

White Color Stock Flower

Stock, also called Virginia Stock Flower, Gilly Flower, or Matthiola, is a native of Southern Asia Minor, South Africa, Albania, Greece, and other parts of the Mediterranean coastal region. It was named after Pierandrea Mattioli, an Italian botanist who cultivated Stock believing that it has medicinal value due to the fragrance. Stock flowers come in pink, yellow, white, purple, lavender, magenta, and red. It has 4 cross-shaped petals that form spikes on a stem, set off by oval, toothed leaves. Stock plants are generally low-branching that can only reach 12 to 30 inches in height. Dwarf varieties usually grow 8 to 12 inches high.

Stock Flower (Malcolmia maritima) is a low-branching annual herb. Stock Flower is also referred to as Virginia Stock flower. Stock flowers come in a profusion of fragrant loose racemes. Stock flowers are white and pink, or red, or lilac in color. Mostly bushy erect plants, Matthiola species have simple, often gray-green leaves that are sometimes toothed. The flowers, which appear from spring through to summer, are 4-petalled and grow on upright, often branching stems. They range in color from pink to mauve and purple, and some species can make lovely cut flowers as well as being suitable for garden bedding. There are also many garden strains in a wide range of flower forms and colors.

Stock flowers bloom from spring to summer, offering continuous blooms in the sunny garden when given the right stock plant care. Most stock varieties have become well-bred doubles, an upgrade from their wild, single nature. Modern varieties vary in height from 12 to 30 inches, but they’re all rather stiff columns surrounded by flowers. The flowers are pink, white, red, rose, purple, and lavender in color.