Wallpaper of Pink Eiffel Tower Rose Flower


Eiffel Tower Rose Flower

Wallpaper of Pink Color Eiffel Tower Rose Flower

An exceptionally long stemmed pink rose with very good fragrance. Buds are long and elegantly formed. It has long graceful buds, one per long stem, which open very slowly to a high centered form with intense perfume on a very tall bush.

A continual blooming gold medal winner in Geneva and Rome. Pointed buds with a wonderful, expensive-perfume fragrance, make this an impressive rose. The 5″ blooms (petals 35) are high centered and medium pink, backed up by leathery semi-glossy foliage. Makes a good cut flower.They produce classic, full petaled flowers with one bloom per long stem, although side buds may be evident. Many have a fragrance and are excellent for cut flowers.
The general growth habit of a Hybrid Tea rose is a V shape, averaging 1.5m tall and 80cm wide. Please check the discriptions for each variety. Note that growth size is a guide only – ultimate size will depend on the growing conditions in your garden and the variety chosen. As a bush, Eiffel Tower will generally reach a height of 2 meters or more and 1.1m in width. It has a delightful lifted rose fragrance.

Unusually, Eiffel Tower is most renowned and admired for its long, elegant pink buds with 2 to 4 petals unfurling, rather than as a medium to fully open flower. It is often used to great advantage to form the outline of a large floral arrangement. In the garden, it makes a ideal backdrop as a tall rose planted near a fence or shed. Eiffel Tower enjoys our hot, dry Mediterranean climate and flowers throughout the entire growing season. It is relatively disease resistant.