Light Pink Color Vinca Flowers Wallpaper


Light Pink Vinca Flowers

Light Pink Color Vinca Flowers Wallpaper

Vinca (Catharanthus roseus) is an annual bedding plant which originated from Madagascar. It is a tough plant to grow because it requires higher air (up to 85˚F) and substrate (not less than 70˚F) temperatures than other plants, a low fertility, high porosity substrate, high relative humidity and high light. Gardeners choose Vinca because it is relatively drought-tolerant and performs well in dry and hot locations exposed to full sun. Another important benefit of this plant is that it flowers during the entire summer.Vinca flowers come in a wide variety of colors such as red, dark red, white, pink, light pink, and purple. Also known as the Madagascar periwinkle, annual vinca plants are of the genus Cartharanthus, a member of the Apocynaceae family. It is also called Periwinkle flowers. This plant is known by three names: Vinca, Periwinkle (or Madagascar Periwinkle), and Myrtle. Botanists will tell you that there is also a separate strain or variety of Periwinkle. Vinca plants are native to North America, Europe, China and India.

Types of Vincas

In general, there are three types of Vincas: creeping (spreads 8-10 inches), dwarf (10-14 inches tall) and a border type (bigger flowers and 14-20 inches tall). In this article, the focus will be on the latter two types in which there are several series, which include: Jams N’ Jellies, Titan, Pacifica XP, Mediterranean, Cooler, Heat Wave, Blue Pearl, Tropicana, Passion, Cora, and others.

Periwinkles are fairly drought tolerant once they are established but grow and bloom best with regular watering.
Vinca Flowers should be fed every two months while they are actively growing, using a good all-purpose fertilizer applied according to label directions. Shear Periwinkle plants back hard in the spring to promote fresh, new growth and to control spread.