Cute Goose Baby Birds Wallpaper


Geese Cute Baby Birds Wallpaper

Cute Goose Baby Birds Wallpaper

A baby goose is called gosling. Goslings are inexperienced and often clumsy birds, and their soft plumage, large eyes, undeveloped wings and high-pitched squeaking calls make them endearing to birders and non-birders alike. It is important to note, however, that adult geese are extremely protective of their young and can become aggressive to defend their goslings. Birders visiting local ponds should also avoid feeding goslings bread, which does not provide the proper nutrition for healthy growth.

Goslings can be distinguished from ducklings, however, based on their larger size and longer necks, as well as a more triangular bill. Because goslings are never far from their parent birds, the entire flock they associate with can also be a clue to proper identification.

All species of goose have young called goslings, including the Canada goose, bar-headed goose,Egyptian goose, magpie goose, red-breasted goose and snow goose. Basically, a duckling or gosling knows that it is the same species as whatever living creature larger than itself it sees upon hatching or shortly thereafter.Both Ducklings and Goslings should be watered immediately on arrival. It is not necessary to add any medication or sugar to the water. Start them on a 20% Duck and Goose (or chick) Starter. Keep them on that ration for the first 2-3 weeks. You may then switch them to a 16-18% Grower ration. Keep ducklings on that ration until slaughter. When gosling reach 3-4 weeks of age, you can commence feeding them cracked grain. For both ducklings and goslings, providing them with smaller pellet size feed is best although not mandatory.

Feed and watering space is very important with all poultry, but particularly so with ducklings and goslings. Adult geese will protect their baby goslings from anything they think may be a threat to them.A couple of adult geese and their goslings. In a flock of geese the adults all share the responsibility of looking after the babies.