Beautiful Pink Cineraria Flower


Beautiful Pink Cineraria Flower

Beautiful Pink Cineraria Flower

Pink Cineraria Flowers are very fragile perennial plants so they are mostly used as outdoor annuals or indoor gift plants that bloom for only about a month. Once the flowers of a Cineraria plant die, it’s time to throw it out or plant it outside. Be sure that there are plenty of  buds when you purchase a Cineraria plant so it can bloom for as long as possible. Cineraria flowers can be red, white, blue, or purple. Each Pink Cineraria flower has an “eye” in the middle surrounded by a small white ring. Dark Pink Cinraria Flower looks beautiful in the garden.

Easy to plant, Cineraria provides you with a refreshing look of your garden. The flowers are wrapped up in a variety of colors and make the scenery a delight for the eyes. A Native to Southern regions of Africa, Cineraria cruenta bears flowers which are extremely beautiful and attractive in every sense. Cineraria Flowers can also be seen in the southern Europe and Asia.

There has been an increase in the number of varieties of Cineraria, due to the introduction of different hybrids as well. These hybrids are endowed with rich colors and a variety of well blended colors, which have proved to be enormously beautiful and attractive.

The numerous varieties vary from white to pinkish-purple and other different shades of dark bluish-purple colors. These vary in size as well. Today we can find dwarf varieties as well as those which grow longer with larger flowers. All these have accolades worldwide and have gained themselves a special place in the hearts of flower lovers.

Cineraria Flowers grows to 2 feet high and wide. Cineraria Flowers with daisies ranging in color from white through pink and purplish red to blue and purple. Plants need partial or full shade along with regular water and loose, rich soil. Discard after bloom, even where perennial. Cineraria Flowers grows well in low term greenhouses, blooming in 7-9 months after planting. The plant has small yellow blossoms, pink, blue, purple flowers. Withered instances are of particular importance to gardeners.

Availability: Mostly winter but year-round.

Flower Color: White, blue, pink, purple, red and bi-colors.