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Snapdragons Flower

 Pink Color Snapdragons Flower Wallpaper

The Snapdragon or Antirrhinum exists in a multitude of varieties. Their name comes from the fact that when you squeeze the delicate sides of the flowers you see a shape like a dragons jaws. In bloom, they provide vibrant and gorgeous colors. They have all types of flowering stems from small, medium to tall ones. They will give a range of options in terms of colors in your garden. Snapdragon flowers are available in almost all the desired colors except blue. The maximum height of some snapdragons could reach 6 feet, though generally they are 3-4 feet. Snapdragons in your flowerbed provide cool color and balance other mid-sized and small plants.
Most snapdragons are compact plants that form a low shrubby mound of simple rounded to lance-shaped leaves, sometimes with a gray-green tint. Flowering stems develop from late spring and carry heads of the familiar 2-lipped tubular blooms from early summer into autumn. In the species, the flowers tend to be white to pink or yellow, but the numerous cultivars extend this range to include a wide variety of vibrant colors.
Best-known are the garden annuals, commonly called snapdragons for the way the mouth of the flower opens and closes with squeezing. The genus name, which is perhaps a little less flattering, but equally descriptive, means nose-like. The common snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) has given rise to numerous cultivars, which can be divided into tall, intermediate, and dwarf, and though these are short-lived perennials, they are usually treated as annuals, as flower quality usually declines after the first year. Snapdragon seed is rich in oil, which in former times was extracted and used like olive oil.